digitalrishu has articles and quote collections that will help you stay confident, curious, and consistent. digitalrishu was created in 2020 and has become one of the largest and most popular websites for inspirational quotes and empowering articles. Quotes are meaningful to us because we believe they expose people to new ideas, mindsets, and people.

Our Mission

We want to make inspirational quotes as loud and popular as news headlines. We hope people will integrate our self-improvement, positive, and educational content into their daily practices. We aspire to encourage readers to explore fresh ideas from the greatest minds through our motivational quote collections. We want our self-improvement articles to help our readers take the quotes deeper and take gradual steps to real and lasting impact and improvement. We want to collect and share the best ideas humanity has produced.

Everyday Power is an educational reference website publishing quotes and articles that help people learn new perspectives, skills, and mindsets. Whether you’re reading a collection of quotes about innovation and technology, or an article on how to increase your confidence, Everyday Power encourages its readers to consume information that is empowering, uniting, and uplifting.

Reading inspirational quotes helps our readers learn about leaders, heroes, authors, writers, philosophers, and religious leaders, who have all, in their own way, affected the thinking of society.

We don’t see reading quotes as simply spewing platitudes; we see reading inspirational quotes as creating a space for new ideas. We believe new ideas can lead to new routines and behaviors.

Our content helps students (either in high school or college), entry-level workers, or experienced professionals level up.

We all have something important to contribute to our lives, our families, our communities, and even to the world. Tapping into our Everyday Power helps us do that. Many of us are working towards finding that sweet spot where we can best express ourselves and make a difference. Figuring out the path to fulfillment and success requires putting small, steady efforts towards that goal every day. It is within reach. That’s Everyday Power.